Direct Care Medicine…what’s that?

Direct care values patients

What is direct care?

Direct care is healthcare…simplified. With direct care, all of the middlemen like insurance companies, hospital administrators, governmental agencies, etc., are eliminated allowing for a direct relationship between you, the patient, and your doctor. In the direct care model your physician works directly for you, and with you, to develop and implement treatment plans in order to manage chronic digestive problems and maintain digestive health and wellness.

How is direct care different from traditional health care?

In the direct care model insurance is not accepted so there are no third-party contracts that bind patients or physicians. Prices are transparent and affordable. Health information is protected and not shared without patient consent.

Is it necessary to maintain insurance if I see a direct care physician?

Yes, it is important to maintain insurance to comply with federal law and to protect yourself from unexpected medical illnesses that can be costly. Be smart with your insurance choices and become a healthcare consumer. Consider using your FSA or HSA to pay for services. Ask us our opinion about medical economics…we are happy to share our thoughts.

What services are offered at PostRx Healthcare?

PostRx Healthcare provides consultation, office visits, telemedicine, education, and advocacy. And, your doctor will happily discuss your care with only those physicians that you request to be contacted. Direct care through PostRx Healthcare ensures continuity of care and studies have shown that personalized medicine based on a trusting patient-physician relationship results in better health outcomes. Ask about our unique inflammatory bowel disease program that emphasizes proactive and personalized care. We hope to proactively manage disease so as to prevent the difficulties of significant disease progression

Does PostRx healthcare offer labs, imaging, or endoscopic procedures?

PostRx Healthcare offers labs and imaging at reduced rates (not submitted to insurance). The average cost for the typical bundled labs (CBC, CRP and CBC) is about $20. Imaging options are significantly less than insurance costs as well. Currently, endoscopic procedures are not available but those will be added shortly.

Does care through PostRx healthcare replace my family doctor or internist?

No, PostRx Healthcare is specialty care helping your physician to manage diseases such as diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, GERD, peptic ulcer disease as well as pancreatic and liver disease.

What if I have Medicare or other governmental insurance?

At this time we are not able to schedule Medicare patients and you should contact the office for more information.

Why did Dr. Kreikemeier choose this type of medical practice?

Direct care is very similar to the way Dr. Kreikemeier has always practiced…taking time to develop relationships with patients and, oftentimes, sharing his personal cell phone with them. The current corporatized medical system values tests and procedures and devalues time and relationships. Direct care is a well-designed solution to the current healthcare delivery crisis. Doctors who have previously switched to this model report feeling energized as a result of the newfound freedom to practice medicine how they had always envisioned.

Is PostRx Healthcare functional medicine?

No, PostRx Healthcare is traditional medicine just delivered differently. We have traded the endoscope for the stethoscope and look forward to spending time listening to your history and helping you improve your quality of life.